Enjoy the most advanced technology in ophthalmology near home- in Motril. In our clinic we can offer you a personalized attention, in English, with adapted explanations to your knowledge an level of requirement.

Dr. Ramos and Dr. Rodríguez are experienced ophthalmologists (eye-doctors) since 20 years ago and  skilled surgeons specialized in refractive surgery. Dr. Ramos is the medical director of Clinica Baviera Malaga and Dr. Rodríguez works there as well, they have their own private practice in Motril  (Dr. Rodríguez’s curriculum, Dr. Ramos’ curriculum 

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A successful procedure begins with a complete patient consultation. It does take more than 1 hour to its completion. To measure the refractive error in your eyes and determine the best available treatment specifically for you, the doctor will examine and perform tests on your eyes such as:

  1. Refraction: to check the power of your eyes.
  2. Corneal topography: to map out the surface of your eyes.
  3. Corneal pachymetry: to know the thickness of the cornea.
  4. Intraocular pressure measuring.
  5. Anterior Pole examination: to rule out problems on the cornea, the lens or the anterior chamber.
  6. Posterior Pole examination: your eyes will be dilated by eyedrops to check the bottom of your eye (i.e. retina, macula and optic nerve).
  7. Biometry: to measure the length of the eye for calculating the power of the lens.
  8. Additional tests may be required depending on findings at consultation: macular OCT, Visual Field Test..

Remember to speak with us about your personal situation and considerations.

Laser Surgery

There is a wide range of correction possible:

  • Short-sight up to -11 dioptres.
  • Long-sight up to +5.00 dioptres.
  • Astigmatism up to 7 dioptres.
  • Presbyopia  (need for reading glasses) can be corrected using Monovision system.

Treating both eyes with LASIK surgery takes around 8 minutes.

LASIK involves creation of a very thin flap of the cornea. Ultrathin LASIK (SBK or sub-Bowman keratomileusis) uses a precise automatic machine to create the flap with controlled precision and accuracy. This flap is folded back to expose the bed of the cornea, before the laser removes a precise, pre-set amount of corneal tissue. The flap is replaced, and is almost instantly held in place by the natural processes of the eye. In most cases, the flap will have effectively healed within a few hours.

Healing times for LASIK surgery are short: patients typically return to work and leisure activities within two or three days of their laser eye surgery. The improvement in vision is virtually instantaneous. And it is routine to treat both eyes with LASIK on the same day because it is a very safe procedure.

Some eye drops are prescribed and several check ups with doctors are usually scheduled during three months after surgery.

Sometimes, a surface ablation or PRK/LASEK is chosen instead of LASIK: for example, very thin corneas, antecedents of corneal ulcers or dry eyes… This is a simpler procedure (just laser removal of epithelium and laser ablation for dioptres elimination) but it takes more time to recover (several days). Usually, a contact lens for relieve pain is set at the end of the treatment and it is leaved there for a few days until healing.

Lens Surgery

Refractive lens surgery or RLE (refractive lens exchange) is a surgical procedure to replace the natural lens of the eye with an artificial one.


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